Simpsons – Skinner Quotes

I’m going to enjoy devouring you, Bart Simpson. Yes … I believe I’ll start, as you’ve so often suggested, by eating your shorts!

I have caught word that a child is using his imagination and I’ve come to put a stop to it.

Order, order. Do you kids wanna be like the real UN or do you just wanna squabble and waste time?

That’s two independent thought alarms in one day. Willie, the children are over-stimulated. Remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms.

Children, I couldn’t help monitoring you conversation. There’s no mystery about Willie. Why, he simply disappeared. Now, let’s have no more curiosity about this bizarre cover-up.

There’s no justice like angry-mob justice.

Hello, Simpson. I’m riding the bus today because Mother hid my car keys to punish me for talking to a woman on the phone. She was right to do it.

I’ve always admired car owners and I hope to be one myself as soon as I finish paying off mother. She insists I pay her retroactively for the food I ate as a child.

That’s why I love elementary school, Edna. The children believe anything you tell them.

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